The Alberta River Surfing Association was founded in 2006 by a dedicated crew of surfers in Calgary. At the time of ARSA’s birth there were four core riders in the Calgary area, with a spattering of interested individuals around the city, and rumours of others already surfing the rivers in the southern Alberta area.

The objective of the association is to help promote the growth of river surfing as a viable past-time. By promoting the sport we hope that the surfing and kayaking industries will take note of the movement and help produce products and lines dedicated to the sport.

As of 2006 the ARSA is involved in the planning and design of a new series of waves located in downtown Calgary called the Calgary Weir Project. ARSA has sent a representative to the Calgary Wier Project planning committee on two seperate occasions to help plan out and build a surfable wave in the heart of Calgary.

In the near future the ARSA hopes to conduct free-ride sessions, contests, lessons, and group trips.

Alberta River Surfing Assocation.

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